Alone But Not Lonely

Posted: November 2, 2019 in Uncategorized
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“Learn to be alone and to like it. There is nothing more liberating and empowering than learning to enjoy your own company.”

I am realizing I need to embrace this approach more. I am endlessly fascinating and fun when I am with my friends, but I don’t put in the same effort when I am alone. Instead, I fritter away all my time worrying and being anxious. I’ve found it helps to create a “no worry zone” that might be a few hours or a day, or a weekend. During these times, I find I enjoy my own company significantly more. Now, to instate this rule every day, while maintaining the organization to stay afloat.

Deep Tuesdays

What does it really mean to be lonely?

“Lonely” is by far the most stereotyped adjective used to describe people who are alone. But I beg to disagree. Some people think that if you are not with a group of friends, it instantly means you are lonely. Please read this carefully:


Being “lonely” and being “alone” are two very different things.

Take it from someone who is often asked the why-are-you-so-lonely question every time others see her all by herself. Yes, I am that kind of person whom you see alone in school most of the time. However, instead of people asking me “why are you alone?”, they usually ask me “why are you so lonely?”

Honestly! I mean, what makes them think I am lonely? Just because I am all by myself doesn’t necessarily mean I am lonely!

I personally think being “lonely” and…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! ❤
    Perhaps you are more of an introvert. But yes, we have to learn to balance our extroversion traits to keep our energy levels in check. ☺
    Check this post out:

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